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Mac Chimp and Zee is a zipline / obstacle course that takes place on one continuous line! We have 3 Course to offer: 

  • Zipline Cable  - R195

  • Zip Express Course - R240

  • Zip Adventure Course - R340


  • Cable + Adventure - R495

  • Cable + Express - R400

  • Adventure + Express - R500

  • Cable + Express + Adventure - R655

Tickets Purchased At Mac Souvenir & Gift Shop


Do You Have What It Takes!

Adults Obstacle Course and Children's Jungle Gym - R30

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe


Entrance fee - R25 or FREE with any other activity.

  • Animal feed - R15 per packet

  • Banana Tour Adult/Kids* - R65/R49*

  • Pony rides - R45

  • Trampoline 10min - R20

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe

Mac Quads Earnshaw.jpg
  • Kiddies Quad - R35

  • Driver 30 Min Tour - R499

Drivers Must Be 18 or Older and Required to Wear a Helmet.

Indemnity Form is to be Completed Prior to the Driver's Departure.

Credit Card Will be Required to be kept on hand in Order to Ride.

Tickets Purchased At Fazenda Restaurant

  • 18 Hole Adventure Adults - R60

  • 18 Hole Adventure Kids* - R50

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe

  • 9 Hole Mini Putt Putt - R40

  • Giant Chess - R20

Tickets Purchased At Fazenda

R5 Deposit required for ball.

Image by Gary Bendig
  • Adults Tour - R65

  • Kids* - R49

Note, Butterflies Are Most Active On Hot Sunny Days.

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe

  • 5 Arrows - R40

  • Battery M4 20 Bullets - R60

  • Battery M4 40 Bullets - R75

  • Pellet Gun 10 Bullets - R40

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe

Image by Vince Fleming

R130 Per Person.

This Includes Gun, Overall, Goggles and 50 Balls. 

Thereafter R75 for extra 50 balls and R95 for extra 100.

Chest protector - R45.

Tickets Purchased At Banana Cafe

(Children under the age of 10 may only participate in target shooting.)

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